Angry 2017 IT

I'm done holding back.

Our Fractured Selfish Industry; Everyone For Themselves

The IT industry today is one of the most exciting places to be.  A continuously evolving landscape of challenges, and wide open spaces to fill with new ideas and solutions.  The best and brightest freely sharing, collaborating, working together to improve technology and the internet for all!  It’s fantastic….

… Except for a few major bits. Continue reading “Our Fractured Selfish Industry; Everyone For Themselves”

Show off your skills in 15 questions!

I was on a popular job/tech site this evening, updating my profile for kicks… I mean, I like to stay current.   Turns out they have a job section, and I see sprawled across the header a big link claiming “Show off your skills to potential employers in 15 questions!”.

Cool, I can do that.  So I click the link and it explains that the questions are language agnostic, only require a bit of programming knowledge in any language, etc.  Great.  I start the test. Continue reading “Show off your skills in 15 questions!”

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