So I’m trying to recruit some rockstar ninja fullstack devops developers, with more years of experience than the technologies I ask about have existed.   Only the best for my team.  Should be super easy!

Our company culture is jacked… ping pong tables, free snacks, whisky Fridays, everything!  You’re all gonna get rich with these 1000th of a percent common class options with a vesting period three times as long as anyone has ever held down a position with us.

You know what?  Let’s outsource this hiring.  Put up an ad on LinkedIn, link it to yet another flash in the pan hiring website requiring the candidate to sign up and fill out a profile by hand.  If they really care, they should be happy to retype their entire LinkedIn profile again on a new website.


OK here’s the best idea, let’s make it so the hiring website is itself full of the kind of technical errors we’re going to expect the candidate to fix with us.

IS THAT IT?  The submission form not rendering properly is a sneaky challenge, RIGHT?

I totally get it!  That’s some next level hiring right there boy, let me tell you.

The only thing worse than poor quality recruiters, are the god awful broken job application websites they seem to always want to use.

Candidates understand that first impressions are a big thing.  Why, everyone with a cell phone and a social media or dating app profile these days gets it.   So why do so many perfectly great companies seem to miss this?   Candidates are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them.

Probably just blame LinkedIn, and their “terrible” job platform for not getting you all those wizards you need to cast the ultimate MAKE US ALL RICH SPELL.