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GO AWAY PASSWORDS. Further… a bit further please… almost there… just a few more st *SPLASH*

I’m on a Lenovo support forum, googling around to figure out something related to this wireless keyboard of theirs…

The thread I end up in doesn’t help me… but wow! I know the answer to what the OP requested! I scan the thread to make sure I won’t be repeating someone else, and see another eight people posting non answer condolence/workaround tripe that drives me nuts… which most certainly stems from these idiots gaming the forums to increase their post/help counts… but I digress.

The forum didn’t allow anonymous posting. Why on a tech help forum should that matter? You’re trying to do this? Here is how. Will the identity attached to the answer someone lend it more or less merit? Where are the SJW’s to weigh in here… oops I mean, not weigh in here… how about, join the conversation.

Now I’m going through the registration process on this ‘ere Lenovo help group. Signup was immediately accessible to me when I tried to post the comment without being a member (+1), forgot password, returning user, new registration options all available, (+1), registration can be done not just with social media accounts (G+/FB/Live) BUT ALSO REGULAR OL’ EMAIL! (+1). Things are going great. Lenovo seems to have their sh*t together on this forum.

I generate a new password for the site in Keepass, and go to plug it in. I prefer to use Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V, keep it old school, rather than rely on Keepass auto-fill stuff I see people use. Which brings us to STRIKE ONE, LENOVO!!!

The password field does not allow pasting! Son of a b*tch.

Ok, so I Ctrl+C, then Ctrl+V in quick succession, and there goes Keepass automatically filling in the fields.  Second problem. I’m being told the passwords do not match. The passwords just automatically input by my password manager…

Password mismatch

Looky here. Seems obvious now what has happened! There is a MAX length on passwords that was not made clear… sure we got the minimum, the character sets that should be in there, but maximum? Nope.

From the attached image of my debacle, we can also posit that the secondary password field does NOT have this maximum character limit… which has led to the mismatch.

So that’s where I stopped. I could have fiddled around, determining the max character count for a password, redoing my Keepass generated ones, but honestly I already had a rage boiling up inside me that only a prompt post here to my blog would rectify!


Many reading this might be wondering what the big deal is, or why I fly off the handle over itty bitty things like this.  Short answer is if you dont understand, you shouldn’t be following my blog!   LoL.  I kid.  We like to have fun here.   Honestly, these sort of small issues cropping up, are usually just the tip of the iceberg. They can be indicative of much larger problems, from individual departments, quality control, care, attitude, organization, etc. If Lenovo were a job applicant, and THIS was their resume… they would not be getting the job.

Phooey. All that said, I do use Lenovo products… writing this on my Lenovo B550 touch all in one… a fantastic machine I can’t speak about highly enough.


Job Hunt: 2017. Post Mortem.

On May 1st, 2017, I parted ways with my previous employer.  It’s now June 23rd, and I’ve just accepted a fantastic offer for a senior devops engineer role!   While everything is still fresh in my mind, I wanted to capture my experiences, specifically in regards to recruiters, job hunting sites, and some things I’d do differently next time around!

If you find yourself hunting for your new position, perhaps this info will help you out! Continue reading “Job Hunt: 2017. Post Mortem.”

A Bird In The Hand…

… doesn’t take four years to “vest”.  A bird in the hand is an actual asset, not a promise to let you gain an asset later at a locked in price!

I’m not big on stock options.  Here’s why. Continue reading “A Bird In The Hand…”

Beef Up Your Interview Questions

Programming tests are lame.  If you’re still giving out multiple choice “quizzes”, maybe with some rather tricky syntax questions or involving archaic language constructs that nobody actually uses in the real world, you need to stop.   Think about what you’re really testing for.

What is it that you want to learn?confused Continue reading “Beef Up Your Interview Questions”

You are a programmer, not a rabbit.

So stay out of rabbit holes!

cartoon graphic of a grabbit holeCreative problem solving and loving to learn about new technologies are best rabbit buddies.

One of the aspects of programming I get the most enjoyment from is creatively solving problems.  We are currently at point A, but want to be at point B.  So how do we get there?   Everything from the choice of hardware, software, languages, algorithms, design; these are all variables that need to be accounted for.  And for me, he more open ended the criteria, the more engaging I find the challenge. Continue reading “You are a programmer, not a rabbit.”

You might be a startup if…

Pre-millenium, I never really heard the term ‘start up’ used much.  Maybe in some movies about finance, you would hear a broker pitching a small start up company to potential investors, but that was about it.  What everyone calls a ‘start up’ today, used to be just a new company, a small company, an underfunded company.

Since the first dot com boom around the year 2000, and even more so since Facebook, Google, and the latest round of insanely valuated unicorn companies, it seems every single tech business is using the term “start up” to describe themselves.  The word features heavily in company bios and websites, and most nefariously, bandied about during interviews.

Remember that old Jeff Foxworthy comedy bit… you might be a redneck if?  Well here’s one for startups. Continue reading “You might be a startup if…”

First Impressions Matter…


So I’m trying to recruit some rockstar ninja fullstack devops developers, with more years of experience than the technologies I ask about have existed.   Only the best for my team.  Should be super easy!

Our company culture is jacked… ping pong tables, free snacks, whisky Fridays, everything!  You’re all gonna get rich with these 1000th of a percent common class options with a vesting period three times as long as anyone has ever held down a position with us. Continue reading “First Impressions Matter…”

Stop Padding Your Resume!

Nobody cares that you knew Dreamweaver; it’s not relevant anymore.

Flash or actionscript?  Same.

Visual basic?   You know you’re applying for a web developer position, right?

Windows 95/98/NT/ME/7/8?   Oh come on now.

Microsoft Office?  Sorry, you just blew it.

Did you seriously misspell “colfusion” ?   Alright, who was this… funny joke guys! Continue reading “Stop Padding Your Resume!”

Turn the Tables. Ask your own Questions

Interviews are tough.

When I was first starting out, interviews scared the bejeezus out of me.  I remember some awful experiences, showing up at a company’s offices already nervous…  sitting at reception, or led in to some empty boardroom..  mentally freaking out. Minutes would tick by and I’d get more and more worked up, sweaty… literally dreading the moment the person (or people.. tag team!), would come in and start grilling me.

Absolute torture! Continue reading “Turn the Tables. Ask your own Questions”

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